The archaeological museum of Naples and its treasures

What is a museum? People often think that it is a closed and hermetic place and difficult to understand.
If we see this place like the Greeks did, a museum is a place dedicated to the art and science muses, a source of knowledge and beauty.

It is exactly what you will find in the archeological Museum of Naples. The beauty starts from its building, an imposing nineteenth century structure but at the same time spacious and bright.
A place where man and art can spend a pleasant time together.

This museum is one of the most important archeological museums in the world and it offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the ancient Greeks and Romans culture and art.

You will walk in its airy rooms where you will see most of the things which were found in the Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia ruins: statues, mosaics, frescos, daily and precious objects.

You will travel in the heart of the Great Greek because walking on mosaics you see objects coming from the Greeks colonies located in the south of Italy centuries ago. You won’t miss the Farnese collection where the most precious piece is the biggest sculpture of the classic epoch arrived today named:” The Farnese bull”.

In other words the MANN is more than a museum. It will welcome and bring you to the ancient world and make you feel connected with that world.

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2 h

Tour in English

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Meeting point at the entrance of the Archaeological Museum

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From 38€ (min. 4 persons)

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