The Campania coast

The Region Campania has scratches of coast which are masterpieces created by nature. They are beautiful from a naturalistic point of view but also interesting for arts, history and archeology.

Starting from the northwest side of the region there are the Flegrei fields. This area contains an archeological park which stars from the ruins of Cuma, proceeds with the ruins of Baia and finishes at Pozzuoli. Among woods, craters and sea you will find the ancient Greek cities which later became Romans once.

Further south you find the gulf of Naples which ends at the famous Sorrento peninsula. Destination of artists and poets is one of the flagships of international tourism.

After that in the beginning of the Salerno gulf there is the divine Amalfi coast. There small villages are set between the white mountains and the sea where you can find Amalfi and Positano.

Following the coast after the city of Salerno you arrive at Paestum which is famous for its Greek temples.

Then the coast of the region reaches the beautiful Cilento coast where is the archeological park of Velia.

Each one of these scratches of coast is different from each other on the geological and morphological point of view. All of them can offer you a different way to travel in the beauty and in the millennial history.

Tour on the Campania coast

Amalfi coast: the blue bay

The Amalfi coast is a piece of paradise on earth and you will be conquered by its natural charm.

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