Procida: the coloured island

Procida is one of the smaller islands of the gulf of Naples but this year will be the biggest because it is the capitol of the Italian culture 2022.

Thanks to this nomination on the island there will be 150 events with the participation of 350 artists coming from 45 countries.

The island remained outside the circuit of massive tourism, conserving its original Mediterranean beauty. It well represents the concept:” Identity is a colour”.

In fact, it is a palette of colours surrounded by the blue of the sea. Every house has its own chromatic shade and all together create a multi-coloured landscape.

Procida has a tangle of small streets where the houses are built one upon another creating an original urban architecture.

Once arrived at the island by boat from Naples, the tour will reach the Castel named “Terra murata“, which dominate the island and was a prison for a long time.

Near the castle rises the San Michele Abby, richly adorned, with valuable artworks. From there you will walk to the most characteristic part of the island named “Corricella“.

It is a coloured fishing village with a small port and became famous because was the set of a famous movie: “The Postman”. There you can stop for lunch in a typical restaurant.

After that free time and return to Naples.

Tour duration: full day
Equipment: comfortable shoes and casual clothing, hat and bottle of water for sunny days, umbrella and / or waterproof jacket for rainy days.