Herculaneum the noble

What is beauty? It’s not easy to answer this question but Herculaneum is able to answer what was the beauty of a Roman’s city.

Why this city can be named noble? Small and sophisticate Herculaneum was situated just in front of the sea and was populated by the rich Roman’s elite.

Destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD the city conserves its charming appearance. Nowadays you have the chance to live an experience in a dimension of two thousand years ago.

In this dimension you will walk on elegant streets where you find shops and houses. The shops will show you what the Romans ate, drunk, sold and bought. The houses are so fully decorated by frescoes and mosaics that you can see the elegance in which they lived.

An important part of the Roman daily activity was to go to thermal bath.

Visiting the thermal bath, you will feel the wellness that the Romans felt when they relaxed and washed themselves. More than this you will see the Herculaneum sports center that includes some swimming pools.

So, in Herculaneum you will understand that the Romans knew well the relationship between exercise and physical and mental well-being: “Mente sana in corpore sano“.

Suggestions: The tour is not recommended for people in wheelchair.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Equipment: comfortable shoes and casual clothing, hat and bottle of water for sunny days, umbrella and / or waterproof jacket for rainy days.

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