Visit the beautiful Charterhouse and the Castle on the top of the city

On the top of the Naples highest hill stand out the Charterhouse of Saint Martin and the Saint Helm Castel.

Like two brothers with opposite personalities, they fully represent the temporal and religious powers. They live one close to another, are the result of the effort and the genius of all those who built them along the centuries. They can symbolize peace and war, good and bad and on the top of the hill seems to have an equilibrium.

The Charterhouse is composed of a church and a Cloister and it is the Neapolitan Baroque celebration.

This rich and complex work started in the low middle-age and was transformed along the centuries until its nowadays aspect.

Visiting the church you will be amazed by the thousands colors of the marbles, frescos, paintings, and decorations.

All these things together give life, harmony and beauty to the space. Many artists embellished this place and each one of their works will make you feel at their times. You will pass from the church’s amazement to the cloister’s introspection.

The cloister is a place of light and renaissance equilibrium, perfect for the carthusian monks’ isolation, prayer and meditation. This trip isn’t finished yet because you will visit the castle too.

The castle has star shaped strong walls and it is a magnificent military artwork of the XVI century. This great and powerful place will give you the sensation to hear the battles with cannon shots and the swords screeching sound of the last blood duels.

100% Private tour

2,5 h

Tour in English

Walking tour

Private transportation from the hotel or other public point on request and to quote

Meeting point at the entrance of the Charterhouse

Admission tickets not included

From 38€ (min. 4 persons)

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Due Opere straordinarie

Rated 4.0 out of 5
25 April 2023

Bellissima gita, un omaggio alla magnificenza del Barocco Napoletano, in perfetta sintonia con la città.

Meravigliosamente raccontata attraverso gli occhi di Dario.

È comunque una visita impegnativa quindi attenzione all’età minima.


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