Pompeii the time machine

Do you want to feel what it was like in the Roman’s times?

Well, you should visit Pompeii, the only Roman city in world where you can have this experience. Destroyed and buried by the Vesuvius eruption the city has conserved an ancient world.

Its ruins are a time machine where if you switch the bottom, you can go back 2000 years. Doing that you will see where the romans lived their daily lives.

Visiting Pompeii you will be fascinated by an epoch that seems far away in time but is closer than you think. The richly decorated houses and the sophisticated thermal baths will amaze you.

Arriving at the city centre surrounded by marble decorations, columns and public building you will enjoy a beautiful Vesuvius landscape.

Someone once said: “Pompeii is the most lively of dead towns”. It makes sense because when you will walk on its streets you will have the sensation that life is still going on.

You’ll think that you can see people while they buy, sell, eat and drink at the shops. This town still conserves its lights and shades so you will see its sophistication, elegance and richness but at same time its dark and hot sides.

Visiting this ancient and precious casket that is still partly unknown you will live an unforgettable experience.

Tour duration: You can choose between a 2-hour tour or a 3-hour tour
Equipment: comfortable shoes and casual clothing, hat and bottle of water for sunny days, umbrella and / or waterproof jacket for rainy days.