Find out the holy aspect of Naples

Naples is a saint and a mermaid.

The sacred and the profane has always coexisted in the conscience and in the way of life of the Neapolitans.

These people are very catholic, but they recognize fate has a key role in the life.

There are many contradictions in the Neapolitan culture, but they always have the ability to find the right balance. The Naples protectors are about 52.

It’s incredible, but why?

Even if Naples is set in a beautiful land its people survived natural disasters, disease, wars and dominations for thousands of years.

So, they looked for supernatural protection. This religious consciousness was shaped by the great power of the catholic church for centuries.

Thanks to their economic power and the social culture the Catholic church, kings and nobility financed thousands of the churches that are in Naples today.

These masterpieces represent the glory, the knowledge and the hard work of the Neapolitan people. It should be a hard job to visit all of them but with this tour you can see some of the most important.

Starting from “Piazza del Gesù” you will visit “Santa Chiara” and “Il Gesù nuovo“.

Along the street of “Spaccanapoli” you will see the church of “San Domenico Maggiore” and in the same area the church of “San Lorenzo Maggiore“.

In these churches there are so many paintings, frescos, statues and precious objects that you will be surprised.

100% Private tour

2,5 h

Tour in English

Walking tour

Private transportation from the hotel or other public point on request and to quote

Meeting point: Bellini square

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From 38€ (min. 4 persons)

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