The Gulf Jweleries

The gulf of Naples is full of beautiful surprises in fact there are many places you can visit.

Between them there are the islands of the gulf, the jewelries of its precious collection: Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara.

Even if these islands are close one to each other, they have their own peculiarities on the historical, cultural, social and natural point of view.

Capri is called the blue island because wherever you are on it you see the blue of the sea and for its white rock is a pearl in the blue.

Ischia is the green island becouse its vegetation stats from highest peak and arrives as far as the sea. that’s why it is a precious emerald.

Procida can be named the colored island for its multi-colored houses built with the amazing Mediterranean style whose make of it an unique and picturesque place.

Vivara is uninhabited because is a natural reserve. It is a beautiful wilde rock connected to the island of Procida by a bridge. Maybe one island is more famous than other but visiting each of them will give you a different experience.

Tour in the pearls of the Gulf of Naples

Capri: the pearl island

The island of Capri is a precious pearl rising up from the blue sea of the gulf of Naples.

Ischia: the emerald island

The biggest island in the gulf of Naples is an emerald for its lush vegetation that starts from the top of the mountain “Epomeo” and arrives to the sea.

Procida: the coloured island

Procida is one of the smaller islands of the gulf of Naples but this year will be the biggest because it is the capitol of the Italian culture 2022.

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