Royal museums and buildings

Naples has a thousand year old memory which is narrated by its museums and royal palaces.

These places have preserved the roots of the Neapolitans, have kept their masterpieces and are the witnesses of their history. They are fascinating, magnificent, elegant, in part mysterious and fully represent the glory of the city.

If you have decided to visit Naples you have the chance to discover these extraordinary places which were frequented by kings, queens, aristocrats and people of many countries and social classes along the centuries.

So many are the decorative styles, the objects, the paintings, the mosaics, the statues that enrich these places that a life wouldn’t be enough to know them all. But don’t worry, even if you have a short time you can get a taste of them.

There you will be surrounded by beauty, will be excited and the experience will make you feel a richer person.

It is said that those who travel go in two directions, the outer and the inner one. Naples will make you travel in many directions even if you stop for a moment in one of these beauties.

Tour between museums and royal buildings

Royal palace of Caserta

Royal palace of Caserta

Once upon a time there was a boy named Charles who was a member of a royal family. He wasn’t destined to become a king but like in a fairy-tale his destiny changed.